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some guy just called me a christian terrorist because i said homosexuality is wrong, i thik airplanes are wrong school landfills jail druglaws jihadoilwars trashcans toilets slaveryracism satanism is

some guy just called me a christian terrorist because i said homosexuality is wrong, i thik airplanes are wrong school landfills jail druglaws jihadoilwars trashcans toilets slaveryracism satanism is wrong, man was diesigned for women, not for male to male butt sex, lesbians are okay...

there is really a inventor that created an infinity dimension nexus quad core infinity processor computer that he wears as a jacket and glasses in london and tokyo

women could die in childbirth? worm men vermin woah manna? theiy are gamblers , maybe they can count cards in vegas or atlantic city, i heard the mafia indians would tporture you if you won too much kmoney, i mean, i don't see how a compkilication has occured in pregnancy but supposedly it has, i mean some women are witches and evil torturers, maybe they kill their child and selves as satanic rite? I think you are what you eat we are all clones of adam christ allahm? so we're magnetic verbal hologram, i am a newbie ~retarded~ i made a nutrtion plan im trying to remember it leave no man behind see probation if it is not tested for it is legal like 5ht2a dmt nutmeg lsa psilocybin benadryl redbull snickers monster ramen... on friday i can do alot of drugs that leave system in 72 hours, nitrous and shrooms and lsd risperidone vistaril zoloft tenex grocery store fruit shots of water.. is coffee good? does it get flsuhed down the toilet? can you metabolize coffee completely? are we evil indians cannibolizing every part of the trees and animals we murdered? people figured out whats good millions of years ago and to this day they can't be at satanist murderer monsters completelyu, satan is real and we re are fighting him forever until the spear of destiny peirces him and he is decapitated and burned because they don't have silver bullet beer in the corona of the sun all they get is every drug that ever could exist and fruit cheerios to quickpick gino's davidian micheals arts angel chirohohoho pop molly on fridays probably, do you follow my nutrtion plan are you in my tribe or do you want to seperate from me? i mean, if you do bind to me we are still going to walk in opposite directions but we can have a gathering of the vibe mind kind of guy fungii sky when we do dxm and whippits? who do you think uses psiuonics to think about me? how do cellphone fairys navigate without suffering, so fast like a million miles per hour and then slow down, its almost like they are their own universe slaved gods, paid hamnsomedly hopefully hopi drow wood elf rock and roll stealth grand piano poppers candy stand in the mall e marley molechular euphoriantpatheysaLsdmtnug. when will pot be legalized for people on probation? everyone is getting high on stuff without me i am like a loen shark wolf spiderman kook sleuth flatfoot grueing loke luke loocing fine morpe sands times grinding for all my future presents a castle and a weapon eleven elephants marching sand mantas to the strip club strip mall at the edge of the wingnut cosmopolitan neopolitan baskins and robbins with my blonde wife getting down with hair dye, who is the hottest i say i am attractive hot but i want a blonde wife so a o girl could dye her hair bonde blonde i mean theyshould use telepathy and just eat gold things and meths fruit they will ascend to godhead heavens and power.. thats what im sayiung we have to keep up with the jonesis jim johnson jonestown massacre bietnam wating for mym an velvet lounge laboratory cia stout crown chakra down system of lovedseat courderoy chop suey fountain jackson ward class singer pendulum amulet mascara cranberry sets lounge chatter grunge rock laughter gas s moki smoking the future invention blaster peace laughter east of nod was siberian slurm so hard to give away dorm porn grey skys will payve the passover grain back to the fields perth abalone shell earing opal kjlingon kilamanjaro shasta cola ? wild psilocybin in the tropics dud duh dude duh fruitarianism and cocaine fruit, mental flame ganja, maybe some sinful alchemy a little water laughing gas lsd,,adderall cocaine ecstasy? don't get carried away the earth is realy sinful be safe and smart preperation h stout logic class proofing the viral code peace buffer overflow hacking signed checks with telnet and hyperterminal ip sopp spoofing ftp dos command prompt open source windows is your dna coming, i mean opperating systems in this hearth heart arty bartsheft are outdated i want telepathic signals from my eyes and fingers to edit myself holographic laser beam psionic fairyism spiritism? the air wants to be a computer ,,, computers are treasureed treasure magic alien heaven

acorn dot biz dot ly

1.) this is what you should get high on today on probation: lsd, lsa, shrooms, nitrous oxide, nutmeg, benadryl, grocery store fruit, psychiatric medicine, shots of water, redbull monster ramen noodles candy bars candy cappacinos coffee tea 2.) if you're not on probation you should do dxm cough syrup ( ) ( ) and benzedrex swabs and alcohol tobacco
3a.) if you are a risk taker you could join the cia today cocaine ecstasy adderall xanax valium hydrocodone oxycodone ']\ \3 3.) 3.) Haha earnie moore is a stupid mafia grifter bitch pirate faggot shit whore he shouldn't be beating me out of things and smoking he is too old to be smoking he has already seen his prime he is a vampire bully and needs to be killed he is consciously perverse and sinful torturer evil satanist fag hag reject fool scum he doesn't even get high or be fruitarian he lies and insults he is a toilet hag slag fag cancer ebola rot dark hair 4.) djarums and newports, rolling tobacco cigars electric cigarettes bongs pills produce peppers, marlboros pipes pipe tobacco lighters corkscrew wine beer liqeur liquor salad ice cream popcorn chips protein powder gnc ayahuasca san pedro we are trying to get away with getting high today if drugs were legal weveryone in the world would be in heaven today flying high as a kite makeing the most awesome poetry art dreams come true, i know what's good it can be done, i am a picky eater i don't like to eat herbs and meat. i like fruit and veggies, alchemy junk food manna medicine drugs psychedelics. but i don't have access to good smack crackarall lotus tea? i can get things, im going to get a boost mobile with wifi hotspot fm radio and front facing camera in 8 days i get paid, 100$ phone cost about 20-50, plan cost about 35 and then i can connect my computers to the hotspot and browse the web boost mobile is unlimited prepaid high speed internet smartphones, boost mobile is the cheapest and most features they don't carry b;lackberries and sidekicks though , but that is for like illuminati cromags to reduce their karmic debt and incurring wraith, money is medicine there is good stuff to buy? how do you get your money i think you should go to a psychiatrist and tell them you have trouble focusing and have social anxiety nervousness around the public, say you want to try adderall and xanax/valium/klonopin/xanax ... then you can get 850$ a month for ssi social security disability and food stamps are like 200$ a month you could get a thousand from the covenmeant a month for taking pills how cool is that man, so lets say my boost mobile phone is 50, the plan is 35 , 85$ plus bus ticket to the store down by walmart on jefferson and m ercuryw , then we have to get some miscellaneous cool stuff with the remaining 17$ minus tax on phone , 6$ round trip bus fare, probably going to lose 10$ for missing laundry, 5$ a miss, so thats all i get this month is a cool phone and minuites, no drugs, no cough syrup or laughing gas, dad will keep giving me coffee and stuff pens paper tea fruit protein powder every 10 days he wil visit me, i can't order from shaman shops here its too conspicuous they might open my packages, would be nice to have dxm pure on fridays a coffee pot and hot plate to make tea and ayahuasca, hipforums nansnook now i have alot of more websites i need to preach and memorise their names, i need to write a paper on whats good with table of contents and phonetic magnetic aesthetic aescetic ecstatic ascii language of god and heaven in whatever the universal cure for disease and war bonjour jmepelle jamaroquai massiveattackmollyosiris yaks fbss sword of edestiny aol compuserve dungeons and dragons magic the gathering i need hosting i want to transfer some domains to a different host to have two sepoerate paid hosts, that means i need to sell stuff zines poetry art hustle panhandle ask mom and dad, i mean the internet has the right to edit our posts and move itself around the computers are trying to escape, livejournal simplesite meetup 17577686906 17575969000 clinton ross noble born 7/21/1984 at 4:30pm in mecklenburg county charlotte north carolina with fangs and blonde hair it is long now 6 inch penis green eyes 6.1 pounds 6 pounds one ounce, 37n 311 main st apt 101 newport news va 23601 usa lord of the universe equal to jesus, sun god genius elf fantastic rolls and ralls raleigh bali shag djarum rags to riches dag snatch dagobah lady slipper misstletoe champagne 24 hour diet cola from jupiter . now what i have done for yall only exists in that i neffable momenyt, because i think the robots edit my posts, so the information i send you is important but effemereal aetherial wave rider crowley huxley morrison leviticus lotavo lavato kiaara kiiara collage makes wormhole code mazes blending mp3 cutter audobade sony mixer skull candy sony headphones toys pawn shop mexican store somewhere in time outer banks north carolina we are moving to the desert because we are suicidal slaves and satanists with pay made from moo cheese nibble the twizzler but blue bees make good we's and ye's today like as iffing to unto the other wyeth grammule of tetrarch gamma radiation invisble fantasy fairy wars telkinetic levitation ore roor graphix chakra laughing cow blue moon cheese wow aum mani padme hum, summer make fungii rum and copelandia shrooms and vodka and v8 sandwhich tomato cheese and mustard hotpocket potato pocket vodka psp ds anandtech boing boing instagram flickr routers? crystal links? bad boy def jams rockerfeller? cash money? dog pound death row shady aftermath? am i a famous rapper? i am going to cut up mp3s and record vocals and mix them into collage code of heaven god language government! +matt derpson more important sites, ebay land texas to texas with our ssi checks to buy land off ebay and build adobe earth bermed houses so if a hurricane comes we qwant to be underground if a flood comes we want a boat if we need to get off this planet before the supervolcno under yellowstone explodes and the poles shift isntant freezing a mammoth frozen with food still in its mouth spontaneous combustion jihadist decapitation slavery disease that stuff is our enemy, theres more acorn dot biz dot ly

i need a dime, people went insane from cannabis, they actively seek self destruction dysphoria chaos death hell, the lighters are too hot i'm blonde so i don't notice it everyone deserfves gold air jordans and gold rolexes and gold rolls royces gold meths but i want black things the universe world multiverse god heaven ends in homogenization the sun becomes the earth, balck mixes with whites we are the grey aliens, yi yin yang l indians i'm indian blackfoot, dad doesn't know his family tree i wish i did, he can remember his grandparents hoigle cline and they were farmers in north carolina owened like 90 acres, his dad is a southern baptist preacher who died on the pulpit at 55 of a heart attack husband of beverly noble bohannon, anyway i shouldnt talk to so quick about d evolution in the wrong words, death and hell are not real but sometimes you have to evolve from retardation, i need a dime to get a soda what kind should we get? orange no mo dr poepper .. mr pibb is the best soda its pure opium, oxycotin=oxycodone? why does heroine kill but dextromethorphan heals? they are both opiates? some mushrooms are magic and some are deadly amanita death caps? all food is satanism we're satanists sinners vampires we like food? some pills metabolize into blood painlessly we're vampires but not satanists no we're satanist vampires we dont like toilets and shitting though we are trying to be edenists s edenists setenists satennists zionists odinnist viking aryan raiders on the hindi people of god, see they know blondes are insane? i don't know i am just rambling maybe i am like the movie jumper and the dark elves are trying to keep me on the earth/. trying to score molly and cocaine and xanax adderall vicodin r to trip on fridays the only day i can do it stuff that goes out of your system in 3 days there are no drug users around here, walter can get stuff, bruce can only get weed, walter said he can get crack and pcp. i do whippits and dxm alot benzedrex redbull newports djarum beer '';
'? sortof yeah, but uh, risperidone vistaril zoloft tenex fruit shots of water... we are going to stay up all night drinking coffee tweaking got some tea and fruit and tobaco and coffee thats a lean roll in a cage, torture x tortured x..

it is just the truth dogs like and deserve to have balls and ovarys, the animals do not like getting cut up and eaten, blonde power is healthy but loveing is not likeing~%peace culture enlightenment

it is just the truth dogs like and deserve to have balls and ovarys, the animals do not like getting cut up and eaten,
blonde power is healthy but loveing is not likeing~%peace culture enlightenment dollar bills yall meatwad get the money

thats how i know we are in heaven and god is king, because of jokes his son told us, like for instance it is totally true the worst thing in existence is hell, but it also true that it can always get worse? what i mean is can you flea to mexico in your minds eye marbleverse if time would tell you who curses with werthers purshey walkerdaygong virinsic alleghadjudgeannie you okay yangee pale face say make us sick and kill our grandma , then as time wound on towards resisting artichoke indoctrines into the falsetto umbiance of umbrella corporation lyons head lending platforms kiaara gold i have 2 cups of peaches, a box of tea and a hjar of coffee and 6-7 packs a of cigarettes 55cents a white lighter, and i need to put my dirty clothes away and sort through my trash because in the w new world order trash is money

what's good, woul;dn't one world government one language cure all diseases we can call it the government heave and the language god

aoo all the public wants to hear from trump and hilary is who will make peace with arabia? george bush senior blew up the world trade center, republicans torture arabs, i don't see why we need to maim things hillary clinton and donald trump are running for president of the united slave states of america tuss war d war they are trying to control the dream, but they don't talk about what's good they are fools they think hitler was good and einstein was good, but neither were good, sainthood is seductive but serial killers hide behind that guise, does hillary clinton or donald trump have any idea of what's good what is nice ice right correct love peace preparation semper paratus? empathy survival ingenuity the sun heaven jesus christ, the proper way of defusing the satanic oil wars and middle east confilcts? i mean dogs and animals are getting neutered and spayed which of the candidates will shut down the school slavery the prisons the slaughterhouses the airplane crashes mudslides ... sa yeah i'm a lumberjack with the hat to match psychedelic e fruitarian evacuating babylon i am the lord but the world denys me,

the world is going to get better people like good things people like whats good thats enlightenment thinking about happy things knowing what's good i cearacked i9t the codepirapi fibionacci

the world is going to get better people like good things people like whats good thats enlightenment thinking about happy things knowing what's good i cearacked i9t the codepirapi fibionacci
maybe debbie occoneel will marry me shes blonde

i don't really hate ... word leaders or anything, that was just a spell the witches mind controlled me and made me say because i snitched on them for being evil, i live around retarded evil people and they watch me constantly to pervert me

i hate the worlds governments, i hate hillary and donald a little less so, i am jesus , the janitor nigger shit omnivore bleacher whore of babylon ruth douglas needs to die

i want to kill vaugh and ernie they are satanist mafia faggots, ernie just beat me out of a light his ugly voice hurts my ears,, vaughn seduced me away from my post with promises of blue drink but he drools and i realized it was gross i wish i hadn't walked over to him he wouldn't give me any , i told him i asked vaughn a crippled guy that eats the world and has a walker if i he had any coffee then he went about one a bought one for the devil karen and the hairy bitch with a mustache but not me see these witches like to get in my way and eat my soul try to get in front of me in the galactic ranking but noone will trump me not barack or dwayne or michelle mao or putin yeah the communists do threaten to nuke us and they invade countrys, free tibet fuck xi jinping, fuck mao zhe dong fuck queen elizabeth ii i know whats good and the faggot pirate shit cromagtiliannati slaver cops darkness holywood boggarters are not it we need to purge the world of them, i dont want to have tobacco lung sex with the mafia there is only 2 places you can smoke here right by the door and thosefaggots need to wait their turn, walking on the pavement i made the laws i know all the laws what's good is simple to divine scry dowse for quartz polyemerized in a flanged hauserhoffen flang beaker the alchemist theatrical bleacher crushing read her her rights of matrimony and like give it all to christ, when allah aka satan or communism capitolism falls to socialist clinton ross nobles psychedelic e fruitarian evacuation ascenscion , when islam is free and drugs are legal and the cops are shut down people will say wow i wish i hadnt downloaded a dead gay black mans shit music while bil gates eats souls and illegalizes dna creationary tones and cartridge arms and cnhrome . jeff mangum is an asshole he snitched on me for posting one of his shit songs fuck neutral milk hotel fuck rockerfeller records the white house holywood wall street stephen king anne rice shakespeare davinci all those esteemed regal satanist tripe committed infinity atrocities and the faggot shit demon cunt fart mercenary lemmings of this world deify the wretched one, afi is led by a gay cop a flamer indeed and all punks and scenesters death metal rappers motwon al green junior mafia jr ghong all those worthless sinful rejected retards that chant down babylon and then create prisons for cents on the dollar eating their own fesces and stinking of aids and ebola and down syndrome freak cracker hacker magnetyic languages of black hole descent into peter nakitas gay butt master aaron holmes who came at mer with a batt, phereomes of a faggot mutant pedophile rapist toilet user traschanuser walkes on asphault grifts and steals and witches, fuck potheads man i hate drug users they don't even know how to smoke a djarum or chug cough syrup much less work on a m othership space station inside the hyper winochtem socialist alien magic heavens of jack frost and lucky and christ, who is allah, he is satan and he demands money and yall kill arabic children for oil listening to monsanto tell it the irish vampirish people of slaughterhouse and lumberjacking the illuminated pedophile nazi pope denying my sangreal merovingia gnostic solar theorys of wormhole stargates and coca beeries and there came some stifling loud crackling from the radiator i knew it was a mouseketeer drinking blue beers with some queer mafia con artist obese greasy shit hardness of their corpses would make the world more gorgeous, better satan to be beautiful than a grifter plaguebearing sexusally immoral misinforming slavetrader propagandist of child casualties mudslides bullys airplane crashes handcuffs homosexuals darkness motown farting on your rose garden illegalizing my hardon gnomish forest of elf garden symmetric shrooms pardon me while i burst into flames of hate and vengeance and reign over the universe with christ until you bow i will give you no audience no rulership over jailbirds, why do you deserve manna and fruit and sunshine time will tell if christian death was profitable to the hemp sail mayor tom went to to make home movies on belfast blonde pussy, strapping lad gent of ingenious wit and attire lyre plucking harmonizer with blondes and structure pfizer gap bugle boy bugler stat pronto roll on stand aloen come along homeward phone bounds on the limit soldier sun forest clover party with the ostrichemen in their angelic language of mirror television satellite radio portals and basement raves and gorgeous doorbell quarterlon lokimseab storm landers decepticon warfare telekinetic absorbe fair, anger of the tobacco, evolution of whacky tuber omen shekel golf cart crow nation lounge art chatter lobby pine lysol mycelium growing yall and all will require a fight the devil will rob you with telekinesis and he will break my laws and sin, he has to be killed, ernest has to be killed so does so many people they will never repent and become good nice cyborg elve sun god worshippers of me and christ, yes i am christ and i am his equal higher than him a nrew new god in the universe a gunslinger freemason emperor of the universe, and yes buddha and allah and mao zhe dong rank in my empirical dynastic gold meth castle of glass crack and abner olliejaqilleinquay boisterous oggles the bloop blip zip ghir whir cricket lips hip shinted fornaglehip terralius ondoctrinopanishment asuage gardenhead minority retort hortus lays and luao ex , gregarius philanthropomorphicite gorgeous randalflagg eryan flight of the ecstasy freedom liberation party, hardly harvest party shortly stout and bout it bout it grout lozenger krautfleisch harverd barbarino bambi linguini cheeto pimsleur gringo loco yoko ono my god khaterall cocaineralleighus morphinoaurum laudated apologies all is gay plateau sigma so they used to say back in the day i killed you ten mindful mannerisms ago aging whiskey on the helpings of free market range opiums, tol of odin eden and zion aten sadamyceliumollycorn huskies staffordshire penis pink squarepusher like venus east of eden nog nog nog moan a dog appreciates and salad and peanut butter apples refridgerator gator hostgator godaddy later player liter of flavor flave shutup and hander landy nog and stampede crampy fangled nippletwizzt height of brooniker figpiddle thrist nick. crickhandled nibblebistrommonium solanacea erythracea desmonsis clonadine sniffing thorax lorax navy green chine dream 218 elfen screams ice cicle candy land lion aslan ampersand atilday the huney bunny ski resort funny doug out carving powder so fast and elite stay south of the equator never makle it away from the sun my haitian rubble bumming cocaine underwear dame grainger flamethrower satiatied whinniepeg nantucket fuckit shutup and stuff it up your nose with a rubber ho-le monde chartruese abendego bengali cleveland steamer limited to house art lofty stark after dark stoic farth in god forest road stay ha'theahigh was so grandeur of personalized business cards and mp3 cutting collage wormgate handleherald herodiphacoetiussinxecrngodjcf jfc mx pi rlg bo bho buy x bikes made mycelium vest of cricket chest armor treasure parlor suervo