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you have to write love notes to ppl for christmas i will type them wigh my brother sx4000 make a list of whags good awesome kind sweet loving and combine it with your chore list and christmas wishlist then type it. i know all the programme welfAre earth needz. won for din er ate apple sauce got some pills coming risperkdone and vistadril got plenty kf of water A cjl cup in room 216 nos upstairs camping gear is all thT matters fruit pills water get a running start son fly boy im insoide the sun spun father yeah ea 3

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I just wanted to tell you .my cellphone number and address and website and birthday but not my sociL security number. 17573104689 311 main St apt 101/216 Newport news VA 23601 USA Hilton plaza assisted living facility 7/21/1984 I sort of know what's good and awesome I don't mix Newport green shorts with blueberry kush and meth and laughing gas and kiwi wine delsym cough waltussin long acting cough psilocybin ether courvoisziere risperidone vistaril Zoloft tenex fruitarian revelations 2:17 philosophers stone immortality through cybernetics levitation spin breath birdmen men in light hyperspace labs into the sun jack frost Grindy JFK mlk max play forever pftek E^mfin 8th oh my gawde story of a champion calling you're a champion I have changed my name to raw Crishna I have mutated into a glowing birdman cheetah and speak in neon x hieroglyphics I was born in Bolivia in 74bc I hD long blonde hair and fang boomer sixerniner in the soft white loading bay za sa one word hubb marhaba salaam chi roh anyone wat reptilians bugs hollow earth I live in shambhallah I am God in the center sun G-man fbi doctor MHz aidr side at comics meteor police naphtha ammonia Coco coir Alvin banks
Sent from my Boost Mobile Phone. merry Christmas Mariana merkaba love Clint let's go to dairy Queen and get mm and keep blizzards or McDonald's oj and apple pies strawberry parfait milkshake French fries double shots of espresso vin diesel ice cube what's good awesome love I do love u guys I won't send anymore emails mom says I am retarded and this is offensive . oh well it's the best I was able to do 33 axiomalli.mhz.yai;itm-¹

how do you get a good pack of tobacco?

you use dxm cough syrup then you smoke Newport green shorts and inhale whippits that's how you get in hyperspace laboratories with angels. ad37mil
that stuff is all legal psychedelic heaven I am the sun and God look at where we are look at where we started out. juedge judge e Judy is talking to me she says voodoo is real and probation is rape. cussing is the main strategy of world world 3 mkultra grateful dead family they wouldn't know the trinity and Ra if it kicked them in their astral hollow deck readout chronographs to the fiftieth him kelly Joe Gibbs yeah I'd rape a cat if she was Brittany Lee and easy beasy. oh my god. see when that guy jumped from the top of etc what did you learn? earth is suck. how do we x cape steep feel steed. ó98ad3000 I would marry judge Judy if she practised what's good and awesome she's pretty . what clinton has done this a lot. lit. what's awesome?